PATHS® Training

Training to effectively implement the PATHS® curriculum is optional, but strongly recommended. Teachers and counselors consistently tell us that implementation is much easier and goes far more smoothly after they have been trained.

We offer two options for training: On-site workshops and online training.

(1) An on-site workshop can be arranged by request. This workshop can accommodate up to 30 individuals and will encompass two full training days, which can either be consecutive or conducted with an introductory day followed by a second day held 4-8 weeks after implementation has started. Each workshop is individually tailored to meet your particular needs, and we will do our best to provide the training dates you prefer. The cost for the two day workshop is $5,000 ($2,500/day), plus reimbursement for trainer expenses (travel, accommodations, $50/day per diem). Please contact Carol A. Kusché at or by phone at (206) 323-6688 if you are interested in setting up an on-site training.

(2) Online workshops can be arranged for individuals and small groups and are ideal when it is not feasible to host a large on-site workshop. Cost of online training is based upon the number of attendees per training: 1-2 participants,  $650.00 per person;  3-4 participants, $450.00 per person: 5+ participants, $350.00 per person. If you are interested in online training, please contact Anna-Lisa Mackey, our Senior Online PATHS® Training Specialist, at or by phone at (609) 651-3135. She can schedule an online training for your group.  In order to participate in an online workshop, you will need access to a computer (with headset) that meets the requirements outlined at: Please be sure that your computer is sufficient for training before signing up for it.

PATHS® Training LLC can also arrange for coaching and technical assistance by phone or email as well as booster visits and retrainings during subsequent years.

Implementation of the PATHS® Curriculum is most successful when there is strong principal, administrative, and parent support. As a result, we highly recommend that principals attend workshops along with teachers, counselors, and auxiliary staff.

Finally, PATHS® Training LLC offers a “train the trainer” programl on a case-by-case basis. A potential trainer must have at least two years of experience using the PATHS® Curriculum, and following training, will be authorized to train others only within their own site or organization.

Please contact Carol Kusché at or Anna-Lisa Mackey at to schedule a workshop or for any questions you might have regarding these trainings.




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